This 2-day programme considers the emotional and spiritual impact of life-limiting illness and the fundamental role of aromatherapy and other supportive complementary approaches.

Day 1 – considers emotional distress in patients with life-limiting illness and the principles of holistic assessment. Essential oils appropriate to this area of care are profiled, together with hydrosols and other botanical products.

Practical sessions will explore essential oil blending and applications appropriate for the emotional supportive care of the patient with life-limiting illness, their family and caregivers. This includes practical sessions incorporating new advances in Touch Therapy techniques designed for emotional relaxation.

Day 2 – will address the importance of spiritual care and consider ways in which we identify spiritual distress in our patients, their family and caregivers. Essential oils, suitable for deeper spiritual connection, will be explored with an emphasis on personalising interventions to meet the individual’s unique needs. This includes practical sessions incorporating new advances in Touch Therapy techniques designed to bring comfort and support for the person experiencing spiritual distress.

As professional carers of those with life-limiting illnesses, emphasis is given to self-care. This includes techniques to enhance personal rest, relaxation, in addition to emotional and spiritual well-being.

Each participant will make 2 aromatic products to take home. Powerpoint notes will be provided.

* Pre-requisites for this programme: Carol Rose’s Introducing Aromatherapy in Palliative Care: 2-day programme or, evidence of an equivalent level of study. Also, an enthusiasm to discover more about aromatherapy and other complementary approaches suitable for enhancing the quality of life of those in your care.

Course fees are $380 +GST per person, includes all materials.

For further information or to discuss private groups, please contact Carol Rose.

Aromatherapy for Emotional and Spiritual Care
Dates to be confirmed for 2024.
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“We need to pay much more attention to emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being and the huge importance of healing relationships.”

Dr Robin Youngson
Hearts in Healthcare

“When the care team is confronted with patients with difficult to manage pain or complex psycho-social issues, we turn to aromatherapy for help.”

Dr Hann
Medical Director, The Centre for Palliative Care Studies, San Diego