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Courses for Healthcare & Allied-Health professionals

“I loved the professionalism, loving care & attention. It was a privilege to be on this amazing course”                               Linda B, Comp therapist, Auckland



Combining her experience as an Oncology & Palliative Care nurse with her passion for aromatherapy, Carol Rose has developed courses for Healthcare & Allied-health professionals wishing to incorporate aromatherapy safely into their clinical practice.

Integrating aromatherapy using essential oils and other botanical products alongside medical interventions, offers patients a valuable non-pharmacological, holistic & patient-centred approach to symptom management and care.”




Aromatherapy in Oncology & Palliative Care series

Designed for healthcare & allied-health professionals working with people with chronic or progressive or life-limiting illness, their family & carers.  The 2-day foundational programme, Introducing aromatherapy in palliative careis followed by subsequent specialist days which consider specific symptom management using aromatic approaches.

This series is suitable for all levels of healthcare professionals across the multi-disciplinary team (hospital, hospice and community), Primary healthcare team or anyone working within the Aged-Care sector.  In addition,  Allied-health professionals including complementary therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, naturopaths or anyone working or volunteering within a charitable foundation related to progressive or life-limiting illness.

Conscious, caring touch conveys a powerful message to those receiving of being seen, of being heard, of being acknowledged

Caring for others with massage 

Within her clinical practice, Carol recognised a need for conscious caring touch, particularly among the elderly, the frail & infirm and importantly, the carers – both professional and non-professional.

The 1-day programme, Caring for others with massage is suitable for anyone who is a paid/unpaid caregiver, volunteer, healthcare professional, chaplain, social worker, counsellor, family member, friend or companion who is looking to enhance the quality of life of those in their care.



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