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Caring for others with massage

Discover the importance of creating a sacred space

Caring for others with massage 

This 1-day workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in caring for others using basic massage techniques.

The day begins with an overview of the therapeutic benefits of massage.  And is followed by an exploration of ways in which to connect with others from a place of compassion.

Practical sessions are designed for you to learn how to create sacred spaces for massage, even in the most challenging of environments.  Self-care is a priority when massaging and includes measures of preparation & body mechanics.  General cautions & contraindications for massage are covered.



In pairs, participants will learn how to administer basic hand & foot massages designed for relaxation.  Comprehensive notes will be provided, together with practical support to enhance confidence in caring for others with massage.

Caring for others with massage is suitable for anyone who is a paid/unpaid caregiver, volunteer, healthcare professional, chaplain, social worker, counsellor, family member, friend or companion who is looking to enhance the quality of life of those in their care.

Caring for others with massage

New dates to be confirmed
The Aromary, Kerikeri
10am – 4pm
Only 6-places available.  BOOKING ESSENTIAL

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Further information, contact Carol Rose
021 121 2621


“A moment of silent understanding, a few minutes of unconditional listening, a kind word, a gentle hug, a smile, an intentional and caring touch can truly make a difference.”
Dawn Nelson (Massage therapist & Author)