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Aromatherapy Treatments

The Aromary Kerikeri Aromatherapy TreatmentsAromatherapy treatments at The Aromary

Using organic or wild-crafted botanical products which are carefully sourced, Carol Rose blends and administers aromatherapy treatments according to your individual health needs.

Whether its for deeper-level relaxation or management of a specific health issue, there is an aromatherapy treatment suited for everyone.

Scroll down for some suggestions or call Carol Rose to discuss your particular requirements & the most appropriate aromatherapy treatment for you.


Aromatherapy Individual Prescription

  • Detailed consultation
  • Herbal tea
  • Aromatic steam inhalation
  • Massage therapy incorporating your individually prescribed blend of essential oils including face massage using The Aromary’s Rejuvenating Face Oil blend
  • Individual essential oil blend to take home (excludes any additional products/preparations)

Recommended for those with specific health issues, particularly fatigue (emotional and/or physical), insomnia, stress and tension, or anyone needing a deeper level of emotional and physical relaxation.

2 hours / $120


The Aromary Kerikeri Aromatherapy TreatmentsRelaxing Back/Neck & Shoulder Massage

  • Brief consultation
  • Aromatic steam inhalation
  • 40 minute massage to the back/neck & shoulders using The Aromary’s Aromatic Relaxation blend


Designed to ease deep muscle tension and joint stiffness of the back, neck & shoulders as well as reducing levels of stress.

1 hour / $60

Optional extra:  15-minute face massage using The Aromary’s Rejuvenating Face Oil blend.

1 ¼ hours / $80


The Aromary Kerikeri Aromatherapy Treatments

Aromatic Foot Treatment

  • Brief consultation
  • 15 minute herbal footbath & footscrub
  • 30 minute relaxing foot massage using The Aromary’s Aromatic Relaxation blend

Wonderfully relaxing, especially for those who are standing for long periods of time or suffer with arthritis/arthritic changes to the feet. Ideal for pregnant Mums-to-be!



1 hour / $60

Clinical Aromatherapy session

For specific health-related issues incorporating essential oils, carrier oils & botanical hydrosols and other natural therapies.  This requires a detailed consultation to determine specific individual needs & the most appropriate course of action.  Sessions by prior appointment only.

1 hour / $70 (excluding products)

The Aromary Kerikeri Aromatherapy Treatments

Gift Vouchers available

The perfect gift for any occasion.  Gift vouchers can purchased for aromatic treatments or workshops at The Aromary.





Cancellation policy:  Appointments cancelled up to 24-hours prior to the booked appointment will incur no charge.  Cancellations within 24-hours of the appointment will incur a 50% charge.